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Covid-19: Latest information & re-opening updates
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Date posted 04 May 2021

Gymnastics Lessons

Gymnastics lessons have restarted and we have welcomed back the majority of our gymnasts



A lot has changed and we will try to outline some of the key new details and processes below as and when they are any new changes.


Entry is now strictly for members only. There will only be one adult permitted (other siblings are allowed to enter but we advise to avoid if possible) with each gymnast, adults MUST wear a face mask unless a preexisting health condition exists.

You will need a card to swipe in at reception which will allow entry, you will then drop off your child at the door to the gymnasium and make your way to the waiting area.

Parents MUST stay on site in case of an emergency, we thank you in advance for this.



Please bring your child as ready for the lesson as possible, they will only be allowed to take shoes and a water bottle into the gymnasium, coats must be left with parents. If you require changing, the disabled toilet is our only space available for this due to ensuring the site is Covid secure.


Waiting Area

The new waiting area is where the Crèche facility previously was. This is socially distanced and has provision for enough parents/guardians should they all want to use it. There is hand sanitizer and cleaning materials provided. There is strictly no eating and again adults MUST wear a face mask unless a preexisting health condition exists. This area is one way, once in you will not be allowed to exit back in the corridor and foyer area. Parents/Guardians can wait outside the front of the building or in their car if they choose.



Toilets are available but very limited; please ensure you use these only when completely necessary upon entry, if possible ensure your child uses the toilet before they arrive at the centre.



The exit will now be from the red pitch at the back of the building. Children will be brought to the back door by the coach and will meet their parent/guardian who will then go out via the big green gate in the corner of the pitch. If waiting outside or in your car please meet your child by this gate next to the community park area.



Coaching will be socially distanced at all times. Coaches will clean before and after each lesson takes place and will stick to British Gymnastics guidance at all times.


Next Steps

Please be patient to ensure this return to gymnastics goes smoothly, this is a new world and environment for all of us and we are doing our upmost to ensure returning is done safely. If you have suggestions please discuss them with us, we have worked tirelessly to bring gym users back safely and we wish to do the same for gymnasts.


We look forward to seeing you!

Walthamstow Leisure Centre Gymnastics Team