Friday 15th November


The Challenge

Chris and Shaun will be attempt to step up the height of each of the highest 3 peaks in the UK and cycle the distance in between each within 16 hours time period, however we need your help!! This is to raise money for Cancer Research UK


Distance to be covered by bike:- 462miles /744km

Total Height:- 3408m

Height of the 3 peaks – (Steps on a 20 inch box) time allotted: 13hours

Ben Nevis - 1345m Equivalent  to 2637 steps

Scafell pike – 978m Equivalent to  1917 steps

Snowden - 1085m Equivalent  to 2127 steps

Total steps: - 6681 (3341 each)


We need your help!

During the challenge we will be looking to cover the distance inbetween the 3 peaks by totally everyone combined distance on our Group Cycle bikes. If an average class completes 14km each we should complete the distance within the 3 classes

Classes available:-

  • 6.30am (30mins)
  • 10.30am (45mins)
  • 5.45pm (45mins)

However if the classes aren’t full this could mean the guys will need to jump back on the bikes at the end to complete the distance.

The stair master will also be next to the guys so you can join in and support them through the climb (your steps will not be included in the height).