We are delighted to announce that Better Gym Sleaford has achieved Quest Plus Very Good mark after a 2 day assessment in January. Quest was impressed with the Customer Service, Healthwise, Community Sports and operations of the facility. 

Part of the assessment included the Mystery Visit which concentrates on the operational aspects of the centre as well as the full customer journey and experience. This came up as Very Good too. 

Comment from Richard after the assessment was: "The team demonstrated a real commitment and desire to maintain a clean and well-presented facility. Staff went the extra mile in terms of engaging with customers, reflecting well on both the centre and its parent.

The results of the centre NPS score over 60%. This is better than Apple and demonstrates the staff's commitment to meeting customer needs and their approach to customer service which regularly goes over and above."

The work carried out by the Healthwise and Community Sport Team has been excellent since the takeover in 2018.

They have achieved some great results and assisted in helping the centre increase membership through schemes like the GP referral. They were able to evidence case studies one of which was Paul who had two severe strokes which seriously impeded his life, his progression has been fantastic over the last year which is thanks to the staff at the centre.

The centre has had two walking football volunteers nominated for the community champion awards.

In the last year they have had over 160 GP referrals, and this is now set to substantially increase now that the scheme has established itself, it has already had 9 referrals in the first week of the new year.

It was clear from staff and customers who I spoke to that the refurbishment has made a difference to the standard

General Manager, Chris Hipkiss said: “ I am very proud of the team as it is them who delivers the best customer service and do everything above and beyond to make sure the centre is running smoothly and efficiently - I would like to say big thank you for all your hard work”