On the 3rd September we refreshed the Fitness Class timetable at One NK for Autumn/Winter.

We have had a focus on adding new classes and extra session to those classes in demand. We want to offer something for all to try.

The summer has been a whirlwind of hot summer activity, so we thought we’d chill things out and slow things down by adding some new ‘Lets Focus’ & ‘Lets Move’ classes.

We’ve introduced Yoga, Social Dance, and an extra Water Workout session to this Autumn/Winter timetable. These classes are great for beginners and those who just want to move a little and enjoy a social exercise environment.

Now summer is over, the kids are back to school, normality it starting to settle back in – we understand that the gym routine might have taken a hit to the bottom of the pile. To help with new ideas, exercises & training regimes, we’re introducing more ‘Lets Target’ short classes for you to engage in new ideas to add to your programs. And if that isn’t enough, our Fitness Instructors can construct you a brand new 6 week program to push your way through! With all we have to offer from the gym, classes and swimming – you’ll find your routine again.


Did you know, that 20% of UK children ages between 10-11 are classed as obese?

Here at ONENK, we want to help reduce that risk and keep kids active after school and during the holidays. We offer a Junior membership to help promote our improved Junior services by incorporating a Junior fitness activity every day of the week including; Junior Gym sessions, Junior Circuits classes, and a Junior & Parent Circuits class on a weekend to get the whole family involved. This allows kids aged 11-15 years to gain independence and confidence in the gym with a written program by our Fitness Instructors, experience the excitement and encouragement of a Fitness Class, and add healthy competition with parents/family whilst still having fun.