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On Thursday 24th October we invited swimmers to enter our Distance Day to have a go at earning their distance awards. We had 2 sessions available, one for short distances up to 50m and one for 50m+. As a result we had 12 swimmers all aiming for different goals.

We started off with those attempting up to 50m, we gave each child two attempts to swim their desired distance or further with some just coming along to take part! Special mentions must go to Amelia and Freyja who not only completed a distance award but also moved up to the next swimming stage!

We then moved on to those wanting to attempt a longer distance with most aiming over 500m and some aiming for a whole mile (1600m or 64 lengths.) We were able to give the swimmers a whole hour to complete as much as possible! The swimmers all reached their goals or improved upon their previous distance awards!

Over the morning we had 12 swimmers who between them swam a grand total of 5250m!

A total of 9 of our swimmers managed to swim even further than they were aiming for and

All swimmers who achieved at least 5m had a distance day celebration photograph taken. They were presented with their certificates and received a goody-bag for attending the event. All photos taken at our Distance Day event will be on our Facebook page for parents to download and print.

Congratulations to all of our swimmers who took part today! We aim to hold a distance event approximately every 6 months so if your little swimmer is ready to take on a challenge make sure you keep an eye on here and on our Facebook page for our next distance event!