Date posted 22 Mar 2022

The Pool Pod is an innovative platform lift which allows for users to be lowered into the pool either standing or using a chair. This impressive product was designed by PoolPod Products LTD when the Olympic Delivery Authority for London 2012 could not find a pool lift that satisfied their exacting requirements. Comparing to our previous pool hoists, the Pool Pod is a simpler, quicker and more dignified way for users to access our facilities. It can also be moved from one pool to another, meaning both pools are completely accessible. 

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre worked in collaboration with the RSDA and Rugby Benevolent Fund to secure the funding required for this purchase. We have had a long standing relationship with The RSDA and are happy to be able to provide this improved service to those who attend sessions here. We asked a few of the regular users how the Pool Pod has impacted them; 

“For the first time in many years I now feel totally safe getting in and out of the water, particularly with the larger chair with all the straps. I don’t know what it cost but it was worth every penny.” Hazel Duckett

“After nearly 40 years of experience of helping disabled people to get in and out of the water I feel that this is by far the most dignified and the safest way of doing this. That is why, although it is the largest investment we have ever made, the association was delighted to help GLL with the purchase of this equipment. We are also grateful to The Rugby Group Benevolent Fund for their generous support” Bernard Purdy, Chairman of Rugby Sport for the Disabled Association

“About 4 years ago my disability reached the point when I could no longer Enter a swimming pool without being lifted into and out of the pool . When the old pool lift had to be retired because of old age ( I know the feeling!) I was unable to go swimming at Rugby baths. For my problems swimming is the best form of exercise that I can do and is very important in keeping me physically active.

I was delighted when I heard that we were having a new Poolpod I turned up for the first session and was lucky enough to be the first person (or should that be Guinea Pig) to use the new pod. I needed to stand up in the Pod to be lowered in and was cheered by the other swimmers who were already in the water.

The new Poolpod has made a world of difference t me and the many people like me who use Rugby Pool” Frank Campbell

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