Swimming Pool

Swimming is great at any age.  Whether you want to improve your technique, get fit, meet new friends, compete or have fun, you're sure to find a pool session that you'll love.

We have an 18 metre pool which is kept on average at 30 degrees. The pool is open for various sessions from 7am - 10pm.

We offer plenty of different sessions so you're sure to find one that you enjoy, from Toddlers World to a Triathlon Club there's something for everyone.

Better Swim School

Swimming is a key life skill and our structured ASA pathway Swim School lessons are available for all ages and abilities.

Swimming lessons run 50 weeks of the year, Monday to Saturday, on a Direct Debit payment plan.

Adult and Child Lessons

Following the Discovery Duckling 3 and 4 ASA pathway, this class is aimed at Toddlers who can walk with no support from an adult up to 3 years old. An adult must accompany the child in the water. The lesson focuses on promoting early water confidence, basic motor skills and introduces independent movement in a fun and friendly environment.

Thursdays 11:15am-12:00pm

Stage 1 - 9 Swimming Lessons

Following the ASA Stage 1 - 9 pathway. Children are suitable to start Stage 1 lessons once they reach age 5. Beginners will go straight into a Stage 1 class. We offer assessments every Wednesday 18:00-18:15, these take approximately 5 minutes and must be booked in advance. We run lessons Monday - Friday 4-6pm and Saturday mornings 08:30am-13:00pm.

For more information on specific Stages visit http://www.better.org.uk/facilities-and-activities/lessons-and-courses

Swimming Club

Loosely following ASA Stage 7-10 pathway, Swimming Club develops stroke to prepare children for competitive swimming.

Monday nights 18:00-19:00pm and 19:00-20:00pm.

Rookies Lifesaving

A different pathway for children that have reached ASA Stage 8. Rookies teaches vital dryside and wetside lifesaving skills. We offer two different ability groups, Bronze and Silver.

Friday nights 17:30-18:30pm and 18:30-19:30pm

Adult Swim School

Adult Beginner: For pupils aged 16 years old and over to promote water confidence and develop core aquatic skills which enable a solid foundation to start learning the strokes.

Adult Improvers: For pupils aged 16 years old and over who are able to swim at least 10 metres on their front and back. This lesson will further improve stroke technique and develop on previous core skills learnt with an introduction to deep water.



Public Swimming Sessions

We offer various different public swimming sessions:

Swim Fit - Lane swimming

Swim For All - General swim

Swim For Adults - Lane swimming for ages 16+

50+/Disability Swim - General swim for adults age 50+ and people with disabilities

Swim For Women - General Swim for women only

Fun Splash - Fun swim with toys and floats in the pool

Toddler Splash - As part of our popular Toddlers World which includes Toddler Gymnastics, Toddler swimming and Arts and Crafts on Friday mornings at 9am.

Water Workout - A typical water class would involve an invigorating workout that you would expect in a dry class, but because it's in the water it allows you to exercise without excess pressure on the joints and creates more resistance giving you an even greater workout.

A detailed pool timetable is available at reception and online.