Over the course of this past year, Delta Tennis Centre has seen some fantastic things take place and so we thought we would share our highlights with you all.

Back in January we hosted a talent ID day for our young players to demonstrate all that they had learnt so far, and for them to get the opportunity to be selected to join our Performance coaching sessions with our county tennis performance coaches. We were all very impressed with everyone who attended the session and we had great feedback about all the players from the coaching team.

Our coaching team continued to develop their skills over the course of the year resulting in two members of our team achieving their Level 2 Coaching qualifications and another member successfully becoming a Level 4 Senior Club Coach. As well as this we were delighted to hear that Matt Rutland has been accepted onto the Wiltshire LTA Coach Mentor scheme whereby he will be completing his Level 3 Club Coach Qualification in the New Year. Matt has already taken steps forward for this and recently passed his LTA play test enabling him to book onto his Level 3 course.

While on the topic of coaches, Delta was delighted to participate in the LTA Tennis For Kids initiative whereby 30 children aged 5-8 years were given the opportunity to join us for 8 weeks of free tennis coaching. This really works well with our community goals and we will continue to participate in this scheme and other similar schemes as much as possible to get tennis out into Swindon for everyone to enjoy.

Community is a massive area for us all and over the past year we have done as much as we can to get people involved more with the sport. We have hosted the Wiltshire LTA Mini Red Tennis Festival whereby local tennis clubs came across to the centre and competed in an afternoon of fun tennis activities to win prizes. This is something we will be looking to do again with the help of Wiltshire LTA. On top of this we have once again been awarded the Wiltshire LTA Disability Tennis Programme Award for 2017 making it the second time we have won this award in a row. We pride ourselves at being an inclusive tennis facility and will be working hard with people to continue to provide tennis opportunities to all.

Work has already begun on increasing our connections with the local schools and getting tennis out to them. We were very pleased to work with Westlea Pre-School and Millbrook Primary School this year and we will be looking to continue this in 2018.

For our adults within our programme, we entered the Swindon & District Tennis Leagues which allowed them to compete against other local clubs in a social environment and test out all they hard practiced. We were very successfull in this and our Mixed Team came Runners Up in their league and our Mens Team were the league winners.

Over the entirety of this year, our tennis numbers have grown by 126 players and this has resulted in the centre getting recognised by the LTA for having over 100 players per indoor tennis court. For this we would like to take this time to thank each and every one of your for choosing to have your tennis sessions with us at Delta Tennis Centre.