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On Saturday 22nd June Alejandro and Michael, two of our fitness instructors from Hatfield Swim Centre, alongside 4 members of our site made their way over to Hertfordshire Country Showground.  Where, together as a team, they took part in a 5k Inflatable Obstacle Run. 


The run involved a mixture of both distance running and upper body strength to be able to complete the course.  With the team consisting of different fitness levels and ages, they all took it in their stride and managed to cross the finish line.  Not only did they receive a medal for their efforts, the team had a great time going out of their comfort zones, and now know what to expect for future events.  The team of 6 are looking to gradually up the levels to finally reach and conquer Tough Mudder.


Hatfield Swim Centre would like to congratulate all who participated.


If anyone would like to join and participate in future runs please speak to our fitness instructors, Michael or Alejandro.