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Sunday 14th April was the date of our now monthly staff vs members football match at Hatfield Leisure Centre.

What a day to play, with the sun beaming and the sky clear, a perfect day to play football. 5 vs 5 due to a few last minute drop outs for both teams but the game started at a frantic pace for the staff team who raced in to a 2-0 lead with Ross ‘The Cat’ Davidson, with inspired form in goal, making some crucial saves, and Fielding ‘Scores When He Wants’ Lawson scoring both goals.

A quick goalkeeper change saw Tibor ‘The Kitten’ Siklodi go between the sticks. This allowed the members to come back as they managed to nick a couple of goals due to a few lapses of concentration and slack passing from a somewhat over confident staff team.

After a quick drink break and goal keeper changes the game was fairly even for a while as both teams exchanged goals with Christian ‘Chipmunk’ Haywood and Will ‘Wolf of Wall’ Street getting in on the act for staff team. The members team had an additional player turn up which turned the game in their favour as they were able to make the necessary changes to cover for tiredness where the staff team had no such option.

The fresh legs and now high in confidence members took a foothold in the game and started to dominate and managed to bring the score to 8 - 6 to members.

But soon all of the players started to tire, the quality started to fade, and the game evened out with the score balancing out at 11 - 11. A decision was made to declare the winner the team who got to 15 first.

Unfortunately this was the members team who managed to settle the game at 15 – 12. Everyone had a great game, and the staff team are excited to get a win back during the game in May.


If you are interested in taking part in the next match, please talk to a member of the team in centre.