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Date posted 15 Sep 2021

Aquafit classes at Better Yearsley Swimming Pool are a great way to keep fit and vary your water workout. Not only are Aqua Fitness classes fun and a social way of staying active, but you'll also burn up to 300 calories an hour. Give it a try and feel all the better for it. Benefits include:

  • A workout for the whole body - your balance, agility and endurance will improve, making Aqua Aerobics and Deep Aqua Aerobics classes a great activity for people returning to exercise or just starting
  • Toning and honing your muscles - the water provides resistance so you have to work harder than you would do on dry land
  • Your joint mobility will improve - the water takes most of your weight so you can work out gently and intensely
  • No overheating - no matter how hard you push it, the water naturally cools you down
  • It doesn't feel much like "work" - embrace your inner child in the water in an atmosphere where you can't help but smile

Classes are available on the follow days:

  • Monday 11:15-12:00
  • Thursday 11:00-11:45

Pre booking is recommended via the Better UK app or via www.better.org.uk