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Date posted 18 Jun 2021

SWIMBiES, our fun and sociable baby swim classes are now available at York Leisure Centre and Energise.

For lockdown babies, the big wide world is a slightly scary place! Making friends with other little ones while enjoying the water is a fantastic way for them to build social confidence.

A weekly trip to the local swimming pool is a wonderful chance to meet other parents too. Chatting about life with small children in the company of people who understand is a real sanity saver and those quick hellos at the pool could lead to coffee, cakes and play dates. At last! A life outside of your own four walls!

There are so many benefits of infant swim classes too! And we’re not just talking about lots of lovely cuddles in the water and the promise of post swim naptime.

  • The water is a safe space for babies to experiment with balance and that has a positive impact on movement out of the water too.
  • Having fun in the pool with games such as chasing toys helps to develop fine motor skills.
  • Swim time is confidence building and encourages an appetite to learn new things.
  • A SWIMBiES session is a mini workout for your child and will strengthen their lungs, heart, neck muscles and limbs.
  • Swim classes involve lots of across the middle of the body movements, build nerve pathways and encourage hand-eye co-ordination.

Our classes are just the right length of time to play, giggle and practice water skills, the perfect start to a life-long swimming journey.

SWIMBiES is delivered in the following group:

Dippers               3 month – 12 months

Splashers            12 months – 24 months

Paddlers              2 – 3 years


Get in touch for more information at kerry.morton@gll.org or to book a splashing time on a SWIMBiES course visit www.betterlessons.org.uk