Here at Better, we teach gymnastics to over 14,000 children every week. Our lessons and courses are so popular because we provide every child the chance to learn new gymnastics skills whilst having fun and using a wide range of equipment.  We also use a teaching plan that has been designed to challenge the children to learn a wide range of skills.

We all know that children are very energetic and want to flip and somersault, and we pride ourselves in ensuring we teach them the fundamental skills so they can then progress onto the more challenging moves. 

We have 6 levels within the Better Gymnastics syllabus including Pre- school, Fundamental, and Preparation levels. These are our introductory levels that focus on the basic skills and techniques in gymnastics. Upon completion of these levels the participant will move onto the more challenging levels including Novice, Intermediate and Advance levels. 

Each level includes a number of skills that children have to achieve to move on to the next level. However, there are hundreds of other skills within gymnastics and we try to include all of these too!

We have a team of qualified, enthusiastic and passionate gymnastics coaches, who share the desire to encourage as many children as possible to take part in and enjoy gymnastics!

See our new and improved Better Gymnastics syllabus below.  Also included is a table displaying the old versus new syllabus levels, to help you identify your child's current level following the introduction of Better Gymnastics.



A child’s first gymnastics session with or without parent supervision. Children learn gymnastics through play. Skills are taught with the use of soft equipment and attentive coaches. Lessons are fun, social and rewarding. Children learn how to roll, jump, and how to safely move upside down.


Foundation and novice gymnastics is for children of school age and will teach the child the fundamentals of gymnastics, including skills such as forward and backward rolls, handstands and cartwheels.

Intermediate and advanced gymnastics is for children who have progressed on from the core levels. Focus is on skill development and progression, with harder skills being introduced, such as handstand forward rolls, front and back walkovers as well as flics and somersaults.


Gymnastics for Adults (Inc. young adults) is for first timers, improvers and returners. Sessions include skill development and progression, strength and conditioning, and not forgetting socialising.


Club Gymnastics involves competitive disciplines, including Women’s and Men’s Artistic, Rhythmic, Acrobatics and Gymnastics for all. Gymnasts are selected by talent identification and follow the British Gymnastics development pathway.


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Old & New Syllabus Levels

Old Syllabus New Syllabus
Preschool Preschool
Foundation Fundamental
Foundation Preparation
Novice Novice
Intermediate Intermediate
Advanced                        Advanced                  


Please note:  The new syllabus includes the addition of a new level.      The changes primarily affect the criteria of what is being assessed, and all days, times and coaches of the sessions will remain the same.


Our online management home portal tool allows easy co-ordination and administration of your lesson or course. The benefits of the home portal include;

  • Record of achievement - clear information on pupil's progression including areas of improvement and passes.
  • Co-ordinate dates, times and levels (subject to availability)
  • One account for multiple pupils
  • Easy administration - pay online, view your credits and update contact information


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