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Soft Play at Keynsham Leisure Centre

Come and visit our brand new indoor soft play area! A great place for your children to let off some steam and have fun. The fully enclosed multi level padded structure allows your child to play, climb, crawl and slide in complete safety.

Opening hours

Monday - Friday     09:30 - 17:30

Saturday     09:30 - 16:30

Sunday     09:30 - 16:00


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Soft Play FAQ

Q. Do you accept card?

A. Yes, we do accept card. The whole Centre will soon be a cashless facility.

Is it suitable for babies?

There is a smaller under 3s area with a range of sensory equipment which would suit most babies from 3 months upwards.

Q. Why charge for adults?

A. The pricing for our soft play is consistent with our other 100+ Better Soft Play Facilities across the country. As with all our prices, our soft play prices will be reviewed regularly based on localized feedback and financial performance of the facility. It is worth noting that the adult entry does include a hot or cold drink from our café.

Q. What if I pay for an adult ticket but I don't drink hot drinks?

A. The adult entry fee can cover a soft drink instead of a hot drink from our café if preferred.

Q. Is it just turn up and pay?

A. Yes. Currently our soft play operates under a “turn up and pay system”. This may be reviewed later down the line and the option to purchase tickets in advance may be introduced based on performance.

Q. Do you have to be a member of the gym?

A. No, you do not need to be a member of Better Keynsham Leisure Centre to use the soft play facilities.

Q. Is there a discount for siblings?

A. At the moment we do not offer any discount for siblings, however we consistently review our business model based on localized feedback and will take this comment on board for the future review.

Q. Is there a discount nannies and childminders?

A. At the moment we do not offer any discount for nannies or childminders.

Q. What is the max age limit?

A. The upper age limit for the soft play is 8 years old.

Q. What is the time limit for visits?

A. At present we do not have a time limit on soft play visits. This is something we may introduce in the future for busy periods.

Q. Do carers get in free with a BANES Rainbow Resource card?

A. Yes, carers with a Rainbow Resource card (other carer cards are also accepted) will receive free entry into the Soft Play although no drink is included.