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Date posted 30 Apr 2021

It’s an exciting week here at Better Gym Belfast as we open our doors and welcome our members back.

It’s hard to believe four months have passed since your last gym session, but now the green light has been given for indoor exercise to resume, it’s time to dust off those trainers and set yourself up for success.

Here’s some strategies to get your training back on track.

Make A Date

Pick a date and time that is convenient to you. Some people are early birds and like to hit the weights first thing in the morning giving them energy for the rest of the day. Others like to pop in during their lunch hour to get away from their desk or maybe your part of the after-work posse?  Whatever time you choose to workout it couldn’t be easier to book your session using the Better Gym UK App. Visit https://www.better.org.uk/coronavirus/booking to Schedule in your workout this week.

Ease Yourself Back In

Now is not the time to go hell for leather with your training. On your first session simply get to grips with the equipment and lifting movements patterns again. Our team of Fitness Experts are on hand to guide you back into training at Better. Whether you want a new programme, personal training or to merely learn some stretches, we are here to help.

Set A Goal

Setting a fitness goal is a great motivator. Work out if you want to for example ‘run a 5K’, ‘lose fat’ or ‘improve your strength’. Measure your progress as you train and enjoy the journey. There’s plenty of time to build up to that personal best.

Show Up

Set yourself workout standards and show up. Your standard could be ‘I will work out 3 times this week’ or ‘I will spend 30 minutes training’ or ‘I will give my best during this workout’ by having these standards you don’t have to rely on motivation. You are not always going to be in the mood to exercise but you’ll feel glad you did after.


Let’s get active again and raise those heart rates. We can’t wait to see you at Better Gym Belfast!