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What are the reasons you come to the Olympia?

To stay healthy in our later years, to socialise and keep a routine

What motivates you each day?

We train in the gym on the same says and motivate one another. It's fantastic meeting new people and the craic is brilliant.

How many times a week would you train?

Four days a week, it has the health benefits but most important we feel good, get to chat with new people and get a laugh.

How would you rate the staff and customer service?

We love the staff as they bend over backwards to help us. Walking in the front doors you are made to feel welcome and greeted with a smile. The gym staff has the place spotless and so helpful they are a credit to the company.

What difference has Olympia made to your health and wellbeing?

It has kept us healthy not only in body but our mind-set. It definitely keeps our physical strength up and fit in our later years. It's lovely going into the gym as it feels so welcoming

What advice would you give someone a similar age that was thinking of joining the gym?

Do it! It will give you a new lease of life

Sum up Olympia in three words

Home from home