Junior Triathlon (Junior GOTRI)

Kids generally love to run, swim and get on their bikes so why not combine that in one great activity provision offered by Better Cardiff.  This is not only great exercise but is also an excellent way to make new friends.


Junior Triathlon Better Sta Hub Cardiff

Street Dance

Street Dance at Better Star Hub Cardiff

This lively, energetic, body popping class, encompasses styles such as hip hop, lindy hop, break-dance and funk. Try your hand at this class that will turn you from a bad act to a class act. Suitable for all levels, just come along and strut your stuff.


Street Games

Street Games are fun filled sessions that bring key participation sports to the heart of communities. The Street Games mantra is that you don’t need a manicured field or expensive equipment to play sport. Instead, Street Games offer ‘doorstep activities’ that take place at the right time, at the right place, in the right style and at the right price.


Street Games at Better Star Hub Cardiff

Junior Aikido

Aikido is a modern Japanese martial art. Aikido techniques consist of entering and turning movements that redirect the momentum of an opponent’s attack, and a throw or joint lock that terminates the technique.