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Covid-19: Latest information & service updates
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Leisure services re-opening in Cornwall: Latest information
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A number of Better leisure facilities across the country are being put to good use, while officially closed. Four of our leisure centres are currently being used as Food Distribution Hubs with more likely to come on stream later this week.  Typically this means that the leisure centre is used to store, package and distribute food parcels for the 1.5 million members of the population who are ‘shielded’ and unable to leave their homes due to underlying health conditions and their vulnerability to the Coronavirus.

In Cumbria, four Better-operated leisure centres have been earmarked for use as Community Recovery Centres and are currently being transformed into medical facilities by the Army in partnership with Cumbria County Council.

While in Cardiff a simple gesture has had a huge impact on NHS staff. Leisure centre car parks at Llanishen and Maindy Leisure Centres were opened up to NHS workers from nearby hospitals enabling them to park for free, close to their places of work.