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Each week we’ll cover theory and practical topics like health and wellbeing, physical activity, food portions, eating out and much more. You’ll also get to try out a range of different fitness class and other activities, so you can find the exercise that's right for you. And as part of the course you get a Better Let’s Eat Right goody bag that includes the course booklet (which offers a range of health and fitness benefits), water bottle, towel, tape measure and a few more goodies.










Week 1

Introduction to Let’s Eat Right (1 hour)

Let’s Target (30mins)

Week 2

Health and Wellbeing and Food Portions and Healthy Changes (1 hours)

Let’s Work it (30mins)

Week 3

Food and Nutrition Groups (45mins)

Let’s Focus (45mins)

Week 4

Healthy Eating Tips (30mins)

Let’s Move (60mins)

Week 5

Eating Out and Drinking and Physical Activity Explained (30mins)

Let’s Be Strong (60mins)

Week 6

Keeping It Going (30mins)

Let’s…. (60mins)


Please register your interest for this exciting new course by emailing us with your name and contact number.

Email TheGreenwichCentre@GLL.org or pop in and speak to a member of staff today.

Please wear comfortable clothes and shoes for the fitness activities, and remember to bring your course booklet and goodie bag to each session.