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Would you like to be kept up to date with all the news from London Fields Lido? Join London Fields Lido User Group! 

Please see statement from the London Fields Lido User Group below:

London Fields Lido User Group was set up in 2007, not long after the lido opened, and 12 years later it has grown from the original half-dozen swimmers to a mailing list of over 300. We formed the group in order to provide a conduit between swimmers and management, not in an adversary role, but with a view to working together with the aim of keeping this amazing pool beautiful and maintaining its reputation as the best pool in London.

The user group has become a useful mode of communication – the lido manager provides information re timetabling, events, maintenance work etc to the user group coordinator who emails the swimmers with regular updates. It works the other way too – swimmers with queries, gripes and suggestions often contact the user group coordinator first so that the issue can be discussed and resolved with the management.

London Fields Lido User Group hosts swimmers’ breakfasts about three times a year giving swimmers the opportunity to socialise and to discuss any problems or ideas they have with the general manager.

You can sign up to the mailing list by emailing Josephine at  lflug@hotmail.co.uk