Lillie Road Fitness Centre is arguably the best community gym in Fulham.

With a great gym spanning three rooms based on a ground level building, we are also equipped with one aerobics/yoga studio, as well as a creche.

The gym is accessible on the ground floor, and the gym also hosts a variety of strength and conditioning sessions for all abilities, to help to teach the right way to train, and also offers a great way to engage in a friendly and welcoming team environment.

The studio also boasts excellent classes like Zumba, Yoga, Power Pump and many more!

The centre manager also practices what he preaches, and is a member of the Great Britain Bench Press team (For drug-free powerlifting). All of the staff use the centre, and are always on hand to help and support customers.

The centre received several decorating projects last year, and has gained a great deal of new equipment to make your fitness journey even better.

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