Date posted 11 Apr 2022

Patricia has been a Fitness Manager for Better Gyms since 2017. She has been working at Pinner for the past 3 years.

With strong athletic background, Patricia was a semi-pro Water Polo Player for her country (Portugal) for 15 years, has a Level 3 Personal Training qualification and is certified in Zumba, Group Cycle and Weights Training. 

Fitness and Sports have always been a part of her life since she was 13 years old, so it was only natural to work in an environment where this is present and allows her to apply her knowledge and passion. 

“Throughout my life, fitness has been a core part of my day-to-day routine. It has showed me that with discipline, consistency and hard work anything is achievable. I have been able to apply this into other parts of my life and turn it into my motto. I have always found it important to apply a positive attitude towards adversity and difficult times, never losing sight of ourselves and what we stand for. I am very proud of what I have come to achieve so far as well as my contribution to people’s lives, improving their potential and helping them work towards their health and fitness goals. I very much enjoy being able to provide an environment where everyone is welcome, where people believe in themselves and ultimately put the right effort into every move they make. Fitness is a more than a class or an exercise; it is a lifestyle that will shape your attitude towards life forever.’ 

Patricia brings her own special and energetic ways into everything she does, with her love for fitness and her Afro-Latin background, enriching the team’s and everyone’s lives around her. She always performs every task with a purpose and light that can be positively contagious. We are very proud to have her in this team!