Date posted 08 Mar 2022

Fitness challenge of the month!

Come down and try our new Fitness Challenge for the month of March! 

Whether new to exercise or a regular attender come give this a try! Test your core strength and stability by performing a plank for as long as you can. 

The Plank is an effective exercise to take part in as it fires up all the muscle groups in our body by forcing your core to stabilise and keep your whole body straight into one position for a period of time.  It also helps strengthen your body from head to toe. In particular, the plank helps strengthen your core muscles, including your abdominals and lower back.

The main muscles involved in the front plank include: 

  • Primary muscles: Erector spinae, rectus abdominis (commonly knows as abs or abdominals) and transverse abdominis
  • Secondary muscles: Trapezius (or traps), rhomboids (muscles which attach to your shoulder blades), rotator cuff, the anterior, posterior and medial deltoid muscles (shoulders), pectorals, glutes, quadriceps and gastrocnemius. 

Having a strong core is linked to reduced lower back pain, an improved ability to perform daily tasks, and enhanced athletic performance. If the forearm plank is just too easy, you can also challenge yourself and perform a extended plank which involves having your arms in a push-up position and then extending them as far as possible in order to reach that correct position. Make sure your back is straight, hips aligned and concentrate on your breathing . So? What are you waiting for ? Come down to Better Gym Pinner and give this a try !

Not convinced yet ?

Here’s some of the key benefits the plank:

1) Healthy posture 

2) Balance and coordination 

3) Build core strength 

4) Improves Flexibility 

Come and give this a Go and win yourself a prize !