Date posted 12 May 2022

CV Area refresh:

We're delighted to announce that on the 11th of May we have had a new delivery of Cardio machines. Few of our older model treadmills have now been replaced with newer and better versions. From a whole range of exercise programme to your regular ''quick start'' access. And the best part? They come with a Bluetooth option so you can connect your audio or phone device directly to the machine. Why should cardio be boring? Get entertained while you're doing your run with the ''Outdoor'' Option which displays different moving landscapes to make your experience a little closer to reality. Why should you be staring at the time just counting how long you have left, when you could be  climbing up the Everest or running down a twisty country-side trail just on the screen in front of you! 

We've also added a new machine type, the Vario.

The Varios are a professional elliptical machine with adaptive motion that follows your pace. It can basically mimic the same movement you'd be doing on a cross trainer machine or a step-up machine. Isn't that great? Two machines in one! Whether you feel like a vertical step, a brisk walk or an energetic run, you can freely adapt your stride length in a totally natural way. The Vario follows your steps and automatically adjusts to your preferences so you can make the most of the 0-82 cm stride length. This ensure a fluid motion right from the start, as soon as you step onto the machine and automatically starts the workout once you have started pedalling, ready for training when you are. 

Come down and give these new machines a try!

Additional fitness classes:

Few more additional instructor lead fitness classes will be implemented within the month.

We’ve now added a new class called Core Conditioning with one of our most popular instructors Rosie. A strong core is fundamental to our every day life. From the basic movement such as lifting something off the ground, getting up from a chair and many more, our core muscles play a great part. This core conditioning class is professionally structured to help develop your core strength and functionality in order to have better stability and perform other lifts and movements with more ease.

For any class booking please visit below, all booking area available a week in advance: