Date posted 10 May 2022

Robert has been a Fitness Manager over at Better Gym Pinner since 2017 and has been working at Pinner as well as other Better centres for the past 5 years.

Robert has undertaken a BSC Sports & Exercise Science for Strength and Conditioning course and has been passionate about sports and fitness from a very young age. He was also a part of his school’s main basketball team while growing up so sports have always been a key aspect in his life. He is a very approachable person and very good when it comes to engaging with our customers and helping them work towards their goals. As he is also a qualified Personal Trainer, he carries great knowledge when it comes to strength training and is always looking at helping any struggling members with their journeys and going that extra mile to cater their fitness needs.

‘’ I feel that being able to work in a few different Better centres has helped me develop myself as an individual and has allowed me to  enhance my communication and customer skills to be able to provide the best customer service that I can. When I first started I used to be quite shy and reserved but the members in Pinner have really helped me gain the courage and become more confident when talking to new people. What I like about Pinner is the type of community it has, having a wide diversity of members, from different backgrounds, different ages and fitness levels which constitutes our centre as a whole. Having such diversity and yet all members and staff being able to turn this into a community based centre always welcoming newcomers into the gym and helping each other reach their goals. I’m always pleased to interact with all our customers, whether for training advice, membership or simply just a small chat I’m always here to help so don’t hesitate to ask for guidance as I’ll be more than happy to help.’’