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As readers of the previous updates will know Islington are enjoying a successful London Youth Games 2018 with a peak position of 9th in the Jubilee Trophy during late May. In June, we had a lot to celebrate too but were unable to hold onto that lofty position as the heavily competitive boroughs made their traditional charge to the top. However, in our bid to achieve our best finish since website records began (2009) of 26th or higher we are still on track.


In June we entered and achieved:

  • BMX Cycling- individual bronze medal and 16th place
  • Badminton- 5th place, highest team position the Sobell Badminton Club can remember
  • Male Hockey- 16th place and an improvement on last year
  • Male table tennis- 15th place 
  • Female table tennis- 16th place and a good news story
  • Male handball- 3rd place (team bronze)
  • Road Cycling- individual gold medal and 13th (up from 21st) place
  • Female para athletics- team position still unknown but individual medals
  • Male para athletics- team position still unknown but individual medals


Good news story: In female table tennis, our coach works in both Camden and Islington. For some reason Camden’s female team only had 1 player (you need a minimum of 3 to participate). We had 5 table tennis players, and as 2 of them could be eligible for Camden, we let them move teams so Camden could compete. This was all within the rules as you can have 2 alternates on the day. We ended up playing and beating Camden in a very friendly match during the group stages of the competition.


The London Youth Games season reaches a climax this weekend (7th/8th July) at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. We look forward to sharing more participants’ achievements as they represent Team Islington.


Remember: there is more than one photo, click for more.