Come and try one of our tennis courses today. We have something for everyone, including: 

Adult Tennis Beginners (level1) – This will be your first time trying tennis or you’ve played very infrequently in the past and would like to learn more. Players will learn the basics of the game, including; scoring, rules and the main shots involved (forehand, backhand, volley and serve).

Adult Tennis Intermediate (level2) – You can maintain a groundstroke rally, basic serve and have some knowledge of the rules. Players will work on developing their knowledge of the game and will focus on keeping the ball in play, using a range of strokes.

Adult Tennis Advanced Intermediate (level 3) – You can play from the back of the court and at the net, your serve is developing and you have good knowledge of the rules. Players will continue to develop their technical skills as well as their understanding of the most common tactical situations in both singles and doubles.

Adult Tennis Advanced (level 4) – You are competent in all areas, tactically aware and able to play competitively Improving matchplay play is the main focus, players will work on developing an individual game style becoming really familiar with the decisions and patterns of play that work well for them alongside developing their strengths and understanding how to exploit opponents’ weaknesses
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