Metro Blind Sport has been working with Better at Islington Tennis Centre and Gym (ITC&G) since 2012 to ensure there are opportunities for blind and partially sighted players. The first noteworthy event was a national tournament at ITC&G. Roy Smith MBE, director for sport development at Metro Blind Sport found the staff extremely helpful during the tournament. “Staff went above and beyond their duties by suggesting local hotels, caterers and local umpires” Roy commented. This extra effort ensured a successful competition and importantly that all players felt welcome.

That competition started a successful relationship with Metro Blind Sport. There are now plenty of opportunities for visually impaired players to get involved and enjoy the state-of-the-art facilities at ITC&G following the £1.8 million refurbishment. Metro Blind members are encouraged to attend sessions fortnightly, every Wednesday (6pm-8pm) and Friday (6pm-8pm) Visit further information and other group tennis opportunities, including adults with learning difficulties.

Mr Smith, praised Better’s contribution to the visually impaired community and commented “The facilities, service, staff, flexible court bookings, hiring space for meetings and health and safety provided by Better, has been an enormous help”.

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