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National Fitness Day encourages the nation to celebrate the fun of fitness and physical activity across the UK and will take place on 2019 Wednesday 25th September. It is the most active day of the year, when people of all ages and backgrounds come together to celebrate the fun of fitness.


National Fitness Day brings the nation together to remind us why it’s so good to move, highlighting the role that physical activity plays in helping us lead healthier, happier lives.


Why is this important? Physical inactivity has been listed as a leading cause of preventable diseases and conditions such as type-2 diabetes, some cancers and osteoporosis.


In the UK, we are facing a physical inactivity crisis, with evidence from ukactive showing that the average adult spends more time on the toilet every week than exercising and eight times longer watching on-demand TV than exercising.


Kensington Leisure Centre is hosting a host of free activities to celebrate the day. Come on down to the centre and join us on Wednesday 25th September.
- Boxfit, 11:15-12:00
- Extreme Interval Fitness, 12:00-12-20
- Swimming, 13:00-14:00
- Gym, 14:00-16:00


Show us how you are getting involved using #Fitness2Me on social media.