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We are happy to announce that Better Wimbledon will be undergoing a refresh of some of the equipment in the gym on Thursday 5th September. 

We do apologise for any inconvenience or disruption this causes on the day, however rest assured it will be worth it! 

We will be swapping out some of our older kit with brand new models, as well as getting in some all-time favourites, that have not graced the gym  before, including: 

  • Upright Bikes
  • Skillrows 
  • Vario
  • Crosstrainer
  • Assisted Chin-up/Pull Up Machine
  • Prone Leg Curl (by popular demand)
  • Dual Assisted Pulley machines 
  • Step Machines
  • 20 Brand New Group cycle Bikes! 

We look forward to welcoming this new equipment and look forward to the reaction from our users. We welcome any feedback on the back of the refresh and will listen to requests for future kit refreshes! 

For more information about the kit we are getting, please visit: