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Cardio equipment


Get your heart racing and your blood pumping with the wide range of cardio equipment. Our selection of  treadmills, bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers will help you speed up the metabolic process and  burn the calories.


Resistance equipment


Our wide range of resistance equipment for each of the major muscle groups will help you sculpt, strengthen & tone. The equipment is easy to use and includes basic instructions of how to set it up, muscles which it works and the movement pattern you should do.


Group Fitness Classes

 To vary your workout why not try one of our Group Fitness Classes? We offer a great range of classes for beginners to advanced levels in a fun and sociable environment.

Choose from a range of fitness classes such as Group Cycle, Yoga and HIIT. All chosen to suit a variety of different needs and help you get the most out of your work out goals.

Simply click on the link below, book on and lets get you started!!!

Group Fitness Classes


Free Weights

Our dedicated free weights area offers a full range of equipment that includes incline and decline benches, Olympic squat rack, Double squat rack, Pure Strength Plate loaded leg press, Ab trainer, Dumbbells from 4-50KG, kettlebells, Olympic bars and Discs that  will help you achieve all of your strength goals as well as  balance and co-ordination.

Our Olympic bars, EZ bars and training deadlift bar are all available for you to use on our specialist flooring made for deadlifting and heavy weight training.”



Tone and Stretch Zone

Tone and stretch using Dumbbells, Bulgarian Bags, Vipr's, Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls and Steel Bells. Muscle toning targets specific muscles and gives them the workout they need to become lean and healthy. Stretching is also widely supported today as a vital part of fitness. With the ability to reduce stress, ease lower back pain, and increase flexibility.


Functional equipment

Our functional training zone is kitted out with the latest sports training equipment Jungle Gym XT and X-Cube and designed to help you build the  strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously.

Benefits  of suspension training bodyweight exercise using the Jungle Gym XT  include:

Delivers a fast, effective total-body workout
Helps build a rock-solid core
Increases muscular endurance
Benefits people of all fitness levels (pro athletes to seniors)

The latest Functional Training station X-Cube is designed to allow endless exercise options. It provides you with the equipment to perform traditional bodyweight training mixed with the latest functional training exercises. Key features are:

Multiple options for traditional bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, monkey bars, inverted rows, step-ups, and dips
Integrate the latest functional training exercises into your  routines with training ropes, suspension exercises, resistance bands, gymnastic rings and more
Easily accommodate 8-12 participants at one time for group workouts