Staying motivated can always be a challenge, but with a wide variety of fitness classes available here at Arcadia Library & Leisure Centre, you'll find the perfect way to keep active.

Whatever you are looking to achieve we have classes for the whole community, from our standard fitness classes, dedicated female only classes and classes specially for older adults, we’ve got something to suit everyone.

You can book classes online or by downloading the Better UK App.




Take a look at what we have to offer here at Arcadia Leisure Centre


Get fit the fun way. You’ll perform a range of cardio moves, taking each at your own pace, all guided by our friendly, motivational instructors.

Approx calories burned per hour: 550

Aqua Aerobics

Get your body moving to the beat whilst giving yourself an energising workout in the water. Our fun and friendly water workout classes give you all the benefits of cardiovascular exercise and provide natural levels of low-impact resistance that’s gentle on the joints.

Approx calories burned per hour: 300

Body Conditioning 

Once you start, you won’t ever want to stop. These intense, exciting classes combine cardio and conditioning for a full on, high-energy workout.

Approx calories burned per hour: 420


Combine boxing moves with invigorating aerobic exercise to get a great all-over workout in a safe, non-competitive environment. Boxfit classes deliver a one-two punch of intense physical activity and a motivating environment to train your way to fighting fitness.

Approx calories burned per hour: 550

 Core Conditioning  

Get better strength and posture. This low-impact class uses a range of innovative equipment and your own body weight to develop a stronger core.

Approx calories burned per hour: 420

 Dance Aerobics  

Dance yourself fit! Our range of Dance Aerobics classes combine exercise and choreography with infectious music to keep you motivated every step of the way. Choose from one of our themed or discipline-based classes.

Approx calories burned per hour: 550

Group Cycle    Group cycling is an exciting yet rigorous form of endurance training, ideal for improving lower-body strength and kicking your cardiovascular fitness up a gear. 

Approx calories burned per hour: 560


Better results, faster. Push yourself to the limit with 30 minutes of quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods that will keep your heart rate up and help you reach your goals quicker.

Approx calories burned per hour: 570

 Legs, Bums & Tums

Once you start, you won’t ever want to stop. These intense, exciting classes combine cardio and conditioning for a full on, high-energy workout.

Approx calories burned per hour: 420


Gently train your physique and improve core strength in a calming, low-intensity atmosphere. Pilates exercises focus on concentration and muscle control, transitioning smoothly between one another to build a revived and resilient you.

Approx calories burned per hour: 165

Power Pump   

Get your body pumping to a driving beat with one of our motivating pump fitness classes. Fusing high-energy routines with challenging weights, our pump workouts are a full-body blast that will put you on the fast track to fitness.

Approx calories burned per hour: 450

Step Aerobics

Step it up and get in great shape. A motivational class using a platform and fast music for a high intensity workout. It’s so much fun, you’ll forget you’re working out!

Approx calories burned per hour: 650


Embrace the flow of natural body movements to develop strength, flexibility and a peaceful state of mind. From energetic routines to slow, serene sequences, Yoga classes balance movement and meditation to help you feel Better inside and out.

Approx calories burned per hour: 280

 Zumba    Zumba is such a fun way to combine exercise with dance, you won't even realise you're working out! Take to the floor and shake it to an infectious routine of easy to follow steps and moves in a sociable party atmosphere. Inspired by disciplines such as salsa, flamenco, reggaetón and hip hop, Zumba dancing transforms your fitness routine into a fiesta.

Approx calories burned per hour: 550