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Date posted 18 Dec 2019

A new gym area will soon be opening at Better, Newcastle Trampoline Park and Gym on Newcastle’s West Road, which will offer a separate area for women who may feel uncomfortable exercising in large public gyms due to low confidence or religious beliefs.


As people begin 2020 ready to kick-start their New Year fitness regimes, January will see the launch of a more private gym where women can hit the cardio kit and resistance machines in comfort. 


Women from the local Muslim community would form one of the main target groups.  Frosted windows and female only access will allow them to exercise without their hijab and hopefully remove some of the restrictions on Muslim women to keep fit.

Based on research from Sport England, only 18 per cent of Muslim women take part in sport, compared to 30 per cent of the total female population.  In contrast, the figures for Muslim men taking part in sport do not fall below the average for British men as a whole.

Steven Duke is the Manager at the centre.  He said “We want to encourage people from all areas of the local community to be active and remove as many barriers as possible.  The new gym will be open to all Muslim and non-Muslim women so they can exercise in a welcoming environment."

The new gym is expected to open on 6th January 2020.  For more information, please contact the centre on 0191 2600508, email us or visit our website.