Date posted 30 Mar 2022

We will have late night opening for our fitness suite during April 2022.

Our main gym, women only gym, boxing fitness area and studio will all be open to all of our members for late night training sessions during April 2022.

These will be available every Monday and Thursday during April 2022 on 4th, 7th, 11th, 14th, 18th, 21st 25th & 28th April.

We will re-open the centre at 23:00 for 90 minutes and close again at 00:30 on the following Tuesday / Friday mornings. As Ramadan falls during the month of April in 2022 we have been listening to and discussing with our Muslim members about how best we can allow them to continue training during Ramadan.

We’ve decided to trial this late night opening a couple of evenings each week, which we hope will allow any Muslims to break their fast and attend the final prayer of the day before coming into the centre to train.

Although the gym will be open to all members we’re very aware that Ramadan has an impact on any Muslim members deciding whether to freeze or cancel their memberships or look for alternate ways to train during this time.  We’re hoping that by offering this service it will allow them to continue training with us during this time.

If you have already chosen to freeze or cancel for Ramadan it’s not too late, just see our reception staff before the date of your freeze to get this cancelled and continue training.

We’d also like to hear any feedback on how well this has worked or how we can look to improve on it for next year if it is successful.