This is Liz Halpin one of our members who has been attending our Swim Doctor session since they started in 2018, She has gone from half a length front crawl to compleating 16 plus lengths, The training she has been given by swim doctor teachers at Fulwood have led her to success in a recent Triathon event. Below is Liz's story. 

Liz Halpin, said:

"In 2016, aged 66, l entered my first triathlon at Fleetwood being ‘encouraged’ by my husband and son – who l think were sure l would back out. I felt fairly confident with the bike and the run but had real issues with the swim. I posted my time as 30mins. The organiser contacted me saying that it was far too long and put me down at 20mins. I split the difference, and using breast stroke with rests at each end, came in at 25mins. I decided it was time to do something about it in 2018; and because l had entered two more competitions l joined Swim Doctor at Fulwood Leisure Centre. Harry (Coach) was very supportive. I had been trying to teach myself front crawl and could manage two lengths. The rest of the group were at various stages of proficiency but were all supportive of my efforts and celebrated my small successes in improving my stroke and building my stamina. In 2019 l signed up for the Fylde Trilogy – 3 tri events held around the Fylde – each 400m swim, 20km bike and 5km run. My swimming was improving and l swam a mile front crawl. My speed improved and l was swimming 400m in 14mins - all due to Harry, and latterly Louise, and Swim Doctor sessions. Hanging the three medals round my neck as l finished each event gave me a real buzz; but the camaraderie of the events and my Swim Doctor buddies gave me a better one.

And so it came as real surprise that l learned that l was to receive a trophy as 3rd in the Trilogy event within my age group of Female Senior Vet. Thanks to Swim Doctor buddies – you all deserve a big thank you for keeping me going. So far l have introduced three friends to Triathlon – you are never too old to try something new is our motto. I can certainly recommend Swim Doctor if you are looking for a new challenge or to improve your swimming at any age".

Well Done Liz!