What Women Want

Thanks to Sports England, the What Women Want project aims to help the women and girls of Preston become more active.

Our aim

We aim to provide a programme of fitness activities and classes that are:

  • Enjoyable and fun
  • Local and convenient
  • Accessible and affordable

What Women Want project locations

It is a fantastic opportunity for Preston women and girls over the age of 14 who would like to be more active, or take the first steps toward becoming active.

Through consultation with local women, the project will allow women of Preston to develop physical activity sessions to encourage women to try something new within the following targeted areas around the city:

  • Ingol
  • Larches
  • Riversway
  • University
  • Town Centre
  • Moor Park
  • St Georges
  • Deepdale
  • St Matthews
  • Brookfield
  • Fishwick
  • Ribbleton

The team recognise home, family and social pressures can make women feel like there is little time for physical activity, but there are many benefits to being active, whatever a person’s age or ability.