Junior Gym

Junior gym is a dedicated session where teens and older children aged between 11-17 can access the gym and get active. All sessions have a member of staff present, so if you are unfamiliar with any equipment, you can always ask them for safety advice. All juniors, however, are required to book a junior gym induction prior to attending the session. 

Monday to Friday 15.00 - 18.00

Weekends 09.00 - 15.00


Gym Induction

Before attending their first junior gym session, all juniors must book and attend a junior gym induction. These inductions are conducted by our Fitness Instructors, and are conducted in small groups of up to five people. The inductions last 30 minutes and cover all health and safety information. Our Instructors will also explain gym etiquette, demonstrate the equipment that juniors are permitted to use during the sessions, and instruct on how to use it safely.

Junior Gym Rules

Juniors will have access to the majority of gym equipment including:

  • Cardio machines (treadmills, cross-trainers, upright bikes, spin bikes, recumbent bikes and rowing machines) 
  • Resistance machines* (chest press, chest fly, lateral row, cables pulley machines, leg press, hip adductor, hip abductor, lat pull down, shoulder press, leg extension, hamstring curl, & assisted chin-up) 
  • Functional Area* (TRX ropes, kettle bells, bosu balls, skipping ropes, steps, slam balls, battle rope, plyo boxes, small free weights) 

Juniors are not able to access the free weights area. *Juniors are required to use the lightest weight plates when using the resistance machines, as well as under 10kg dumbbells in the functional area.