Our award-winning Healthwise scheme introduces people to the benefits of exercise as a way to help manage existing medical conditions and help reduce risk factors for chronic disease. Our Healthwise scheme is for local residence and communities surrounding the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre. Common referrals include people suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, asthma, circulatory and respiratory diseases, depression and anxiety and arthritis.

GLL’s firm belief that physical activity can have a beneficial effect upon the health of an individual, underpins our commitment to the provision of a Physical Activity referral programme, ‘Healthwise’ at the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Centre.

The Better Health Team provide tailored physical activity and exercise programmes for patients with risk factors for medical conditions or for those with existing long term conditions at an affordable rate – it is a programme designed to help people manage and improve their health.

Individuals who are not already active and who have a medical condition may be suitable for referral to this programme. 

To find out more information or to be referred on to this service, please speak to your Health Professional. Alternatively you can contact the Healthwise team on 01788435585 or email Healthwise on