Just when they thought it couldnt get any better, UVHS manage to clinch the silver medal at National Table Cricket Final held at Lords.

The competition took place at Lords Cricket ground in London, meaning that UVHS would travel down Thursday night and stay just outside of  the capital. They then had an early start to make the hour and a half trip to the ground on Friday morning.

10 teams from across the country competed in the finals, there were 2 seperate pools of 5 playing each other once, which then lead to medal matches.

UVHS astonishingly won all 4 group matches meaning they would go straight through to the final- so a medal was a certainty. They faced Wilson Stuart School from Birmingham, this school had competed in this competition last year but went away empty handed.

The final was streamed live on facebook, as well as a big crowd watching round the table. This however did not phase any of the children! Wilson stuart batted first, reaching a score of 258, leaving a tough ask for UVHS.

UVHS then stepped up to bat, no nerves in sight. As the last batter took her position she had just 6 bats to try and reach their opponants impressive score. Unfortunetly for Ulverston they were not able to match this, they lost by 10 runs.

Even though it was disappointing for them to not win the Gold Medal, this was an amazing acheivement for them and a great experience. They are the 2nd best Table Cricket team in the country.

Coach Hannah Paling of Ulverston Leisure centre says "they've done amazing just getting to the national finals let alone winning a silver medal. Ive only been coaching them since March, its a credit to them how much they've taken on board and applied it in a game situation. They should all be very proud, of themsleves."

The Sports Ability Club at UVHS have been nominated for a Heart of Ulverston Award.

Elaine Cowperthwaite, the club's coordinator, who has worked with the club for more than five years was incredibly proud of her young charges for their nomination.

She said: "I think it's fantastic for the club, it gives them the recognition for all the hard work that the students put in, and to all the members of staff that help to make it such a success."

Good Luck to UVHS! Find out more here.