Date posted 11 May 2021

At Didcot Wave we are recruiting for full time lifeguards and for the right applicants, not only are we offering full training to gain the relevent qualifications, this will also be fully funded by us. 

If you are looking to build a career or even change careers this is a great opportunity for you to make a start within the leisure industry.  If the chance to gain the training and qualifications needed to start a new career fully funded for you isnt enough, we have put together a list of reasons we believe lifeguarding is a great job opportuinity for anyone! 

Make a Difference

Each day you go to work you will actively make a difference to someone’s life, even just standing there, your presence promotes safety, and your job makes the world a better and safer place.

Help Others

From applying a plaster to a child’s knee, to the door you hold open for and elderly person,  to the horrified swimmer you’ve pulled out of the water; the kindness care, and compassion you demonstrate is appreciated.

The chance to save a life

All lifeguards save lives. Sometimes this looks exactly how you’d imagine it, with a dramatic entry into the water and a successful rescue returning the casualty to safety, other times its less dramatic: spotting a dangerous situation and taking preventative action before it’s allowed to progress. A lifeguard is always watching, anticipating and then reacting to prevent dangerous or life threatening situations!

The challenge

You don’t just fill in an application form and become a lifeguard. You have to take the course, pass the tests. You have to be a good swimmer and you have to want it!

Experience a TEAM like no other

The toughest competition is the one to save somebody’s life. Lifeguards work together in specific scenarios in an emergency. They train together and they learn together, NOBODY is standing around. Camaraderie, friendship, respect and loyalty is all part of the lifeguarding TEAM.

Stay In Shape

The Job is demanding! Lifeguards are physically and mentally fit, and ready to act!


This is a serious job with serious responsibilities. If you are somebody that has these qualities, this is the job to showcase them!

Start a career

Being a lifeguard is a fantastic foundation to a career within the leisure industry. Many senior managers began their careers lifeguarding at their local pools. The flexibility of working hours and diversity of the roles within the leisure industry offer so many different opportunities to build a career that suits you.

Skills that will last a lifetime!

You will learn skills that can be applied to every day life and can transfer into any other field of work. First aid and CPR skills that can save lives. You will learn how to interact with the public, and be how to be a role model within your community.  You will learn to be confident, and take charge of situations, making quick and decisive decisions and become a leader.


For further information on the role, or the Course irtself please contact or to apply please follow the link below and search for Didcot Wave - recreation assistant role.