Finding motivation at this time of year can seem like a fairly daunting task, the weather is generally very dull and miserable, you may be a little short of money after the festive period, you may be feeling that you overindulged a little too much etc. However, motivation is hugely important for you to be able to work towards your goals as well as possible. Motivation can come from many places, both externally and internally. Internal motivation is ideal as it comes from within your own mind, however this can also be the most difficult to find. One idea that may help is to visualise yourself where you want to be. E.g. ‘walking on the beach looking good’ ‘feeling amazing in that dress you’ve been eyeing up for ages’. If this doesn’t quite do it for you, then look to external motivation to help you, work out with a friend, enter into the competitions at the gym, or for a real push, consider some 1-to-1 personal training. This can be an incredible tool to push you harder than you think you can go every single session and really speed you towards your goals.

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