"I am a qualified Personal Trainer and have been a self-coached triathlete for 20 years. I have competed at world level in my age-group for triathlon, so fully understand the demands and stress on the body to compete at this level.

I wasn’t always fit. Prior to this I was 17 stone, smoked 50 cigarettes a day and drank heavily. I overcame these addictions and have transformed my lifestyle so I know first-hand the types of challenges and how to overcome them.

In the last 2 years I have overcome a heart issue and also recovered from a broken neck and shoulder surgery so understand how a specific training plan is crucial to a successful full recovery.

I can help you reach your goals whether it is to improve fitness or get active, or to complete a specific event such as a triathlon or organised run!

See me in the gym or call me on 07946747792!!"