Date posted 16 Mar 2022

On Friday February 25th the Haydon Centre and Gym hosted a fifteen hour Spinathon in aid of Cancer Research UK. So far our members have helped us raise £52.00. This has been done both in person at the centre or online through our link. Our Duty Manager was both the first person and the last person on one of our bikes. He started off at 7am for the first hour and finished at 10pm, rotating every hour with our General Manager Mark from 7am till 5pm, and then alternating with our Recreation Assistant Ryan; Mike spent a total of eight hours in the saddle. Mark spent the second longest time on the saddle with a total of seven hours. Throughout the day members had the opportunity to take part in five scheduled Group Cycle classes as well as taking the opportunity to talk to members of staff while riding the bikes. This also provided members of staff to interact with members in a less formal way then usual. After each member of staff and member of the Haydon Centre completed a stint on the bikes their distance was recorded. A total of 663.4km was completed on the day. That is the same distance as Swindon to Amsterdam. Donations for Cancer Research UK will continue to be taken in the centre or through our visit and search haydoncentreandgymspinathon until the end of March, where we will have a final total raised to report on. The Haydon Centre and Gym team would like to thank all of our members who took part in the Spinathon and to all who donated either in person or through our page. Every donation made will help fund research into one of the most common diseases in the country. Latest statistics suggest that one out of every two people or half of the UK population will have cancer making research into treating and curing cancer as important as ever.