Better, Link Centre Fit For Sport Holiday Camps

Link Centre are facilitating Fit for Sport Holidays Camps

  • Date posted17.08.2017

Twice the fun for less at Better Link Centre and Trampoline Park

Twice the fun for less at Link Centre's Trampoline Park and Ice Rink

Combined trampoline park and ice skating tickets now available.  

  • Date posted17.08.2017

Link Centre Intensive Swimming Lessons

Intensive swimming lessons and distance badge session available Summer 2017 at Better, Link Centre.

  • Date posted4.08.2017

Generation Gains Apprenticeships get additional support

Bus operator, Thamesdown Transport provides backing for young leisure apprentices travel around Swindon.


  • Date posted28.07.2017

Are you up for a running challenge?

Your chance to win a space at Swindon Half Marathon... 

  • Date posted24.07.2017

Better, Link Centre Swim School

Better Swim School provides swimming lessons for all ages and abilities for seven days of the week, now including Sundays.

  • Date posted17.07.2017


 Let's target Fitness Instructor led gym classes are now available.


  • Date posted15.07.2017

Link Centre Virtual Tour

The Link centre is pleased to be able share images of centre following our £1M investment.

  • Date posted14.07.2017

YourPT Personal Training Offer!

Free PT Session's for all Health and Fitness members!

  • Date posted29.06.2017