Bus operator provides backing for young leisure apprentice's travel in Swindon.

Thamesdown Transport is showing it's support for the local leisure travel industry by providing apprentices with a month’s free travel in the town.  

The Swindon bus operator is backing five apprentices for future success by sponsoring them through the Generation Gains Programme.  

The Generation Gains apprentices - who will all receive qualifications in health, leisure operations and sports coaching - will learn how to set up and deliver physical activities for older isolated Swindon residents.  

“These young professionals hold great potential in an industry that is very important, not only to us as a bus operator, but also to the future wellbeing of local Swindon residents,” said Alex Chutter, general manager at Thamesdown Transport.

“Their commitment and drive make them tremendous prospects for the future, so it seems right to offer them extra support. We’ll be following their progress very closely.”  

The Generation Gains Programme is an initial two year inter generational programme, funded by the Zurich Community Trust, with one of the three pilots in Swindon working in partnership with social enterprise Greenwich Leisure Ltd (GLL).

The programme will provide adapted sporting activities, aimed at reducing social isolation for older people, delivered by young people through an apprenticeship scheme.    

John Popowicz of GLL and project manager for the Generation Gains Programme added: “In line with our own social enterprise ethos, the apprentices will be working in the community, for the community - travelling to different locations throughout Swindon over the next two years.

Thamesdown Transport bus routes reach all of Swindon and provide a safe way for the apprentices to travel and we are very grateful to Thamesdown Transport for supporting the apprentices and the Generations Gains project.”