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Suzanna Hext is currently training for the 2020 Paralympics in Better Swindon pools with coach and Better Swindon swimming instructor Dean Fouracre.

Suzanna's Story

In January 2019 Suzanna visited Nottingham for her GB para classification. Now with the GB classifications complete, in March 2019, Suzanna increased her competition experience competing in the ASA Para-Swimming Development Meet in Horfield, Bristol.

By April 2019, Suzanna entered the 50m and 100m Freestyle in the L2 Open Meet with a goal of breaking the British records in both events. Suzanna successfully smashed both races to set new S5 short course GB Records in both events.

At the end of April, Suzanna was invited to compete in the British Para-Swimming International, Glasgow where she also underwent her International Classification.

International Classification is required for athletes wanting to compete for their countries at an international level. The British Para-Swimming International meet was also the qualifying meet for the World Para Championships later in September. Suzanna’s S5 classification was later confirmed that day by the International panel.

Suzanna’s coach Dean Fouracre, who supported Suzanna in Glasgow recalled, “It was an incredibly stressful and demanding week for Suzanna. Going through three extremely physical classifications as well as competing against world class athletes, I honestly thought we would be cutting the week short and coming home early. It is a testament to Suz’s drive, commitment and determination that she stayed the course and managed to compete for 4 days back to back”.

In September, Suzanna joined the GB Team at London’s Aquatic Centre in the World Para Championships, an event which saw the very best Para swimmers from around the world compete. Suzanna reached the finals in all 50m, 100m and 200m Freestyle in the S5 classification and won Silver for the 50m event and Bronze in the 100m event, increasing her World S5 Rankings to #2 and #3 respectively.

In January 2020, Suzanna was invited to join the GB Team on a 3 ½ week training visit to Tokyo where the team went through a heavy training cycle and testing in preparations for the up & coming competitions in 2020. 

In between Suzanna’s hectic competition schedule, she splits her time spending two weeks per month at the National Performance Centre in Manchester, which is the home of the British Para Swimming Team and 2 weeks at home training at Better Health Hydro in Swindon with her coach Dean Fouracre who coaches for Swindon ASC as well as teaches for Better Swindon. 

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