From 5th March 2018, there will be two alterations to class formats at Wellington Sports Centre.

The first class format change will be Monday's Les Mills Body Step Class (18:00 - 18:45).  From the 5th March we will be running an Extreme Interval Fitness Class which will incorporate the cardiovascular and strength based exercises you are used to from a Step Class but with a NEW twist to get you working in a new way, getting you fitter, faster!

The second class format change will be to Tuesday's Les Mills Body Pump class (18:00 - 18:45).  From the 6th March this class will be re-branded as Power Pump.  Maintaining its 'simple but effective' core Power Pump will incorporate a variety of resistance training methods from muscular endurance and toning to dynamic strength and co-ordination. 

Once again this freestyle nature will leave you constantly guessing as to what's coming next leaving your body no choice but to get leaner, fitter, faster!

So don't delay, click on the link below and book on now!


Class Timetable