The fastest growing racquet sport in the UK is available to play at Blackbrook Leisure Centre & Spa. The sessions held will be suitable for teens and adults of any age or tennis ability! A free open event will be held on Monday 16th April 5-6pm for 11-18 year olds. And Tuesday 17th March 2-3pm for adults (of any age).

The game is played on a mini version of a tennis court, a similar size to a badminton court, with smaller (21”) rackets and adapted sponge balls. The specifically designed ball and unique rules creates a level playing field allowing different abilities to enjoy the game together in a fun and social environment!
Due to the characteristics of the game, it’s very easy to pick up and almost impossible to put down.



All equipment will be provided here at Taunton Tennis Centre.

So why don’t you come along, bring some friends and try your FIRST SESSION OF TOUCHTENNIS FOR FREE!