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Healthwise - Exercise (GP) Referral for Health

Better’s firm belief that physical activity at appropriate levels can have a beneficial effect upon the health of an individual underpins our commitment to the provision of a GP referral programme across our leisure centres.

Working in Partnership with healthcare professionals, we are dedicated to breaking down barriers to physical activity and to tackle health inequalities.

The Better Health Team provide independently tailored opportunities for patients with existing medical conditions to be referred to a specifically designed physical activity programme, at an affordable rate – a programme designed to help them manage and improve their health.

Common reasons for referral:

High blood pressure




Circulatory/respiratory diseases



In addition to the main GP referral programme, our specialist programmes have been developed to meet the health needs of the local community.

These programmes include:

Adult Weight Management Courses

Cardiac Phase III/IV Rehabilitation Classes

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Rehabilitation classes

To find out more information or to be referred on to this service, please speak to your Healthcare Professional. Alternatively you can contact the Healthwise team on: 07444 782 448 or email our Healthwise Department: healthwise.southoxfordshire&vale@GLL.ORG