Date posted 19 Jul 2022

Have you been to our Yoga classes? Why not come along & see what it’s all about.

If you’re a passionate about Yoga & regularly attend classes, you may have noticed the benefits of Yoga that continue beyond the time spent on the mat, such as your sleeping better, or you get fewer colds, or you just feel more at ease & relaxed.

Yoga helps to Improve your flexibility: the first time you attend you may very well find it challenging to reach your toes or balance in the same way some of the seasoned members will, but in time & with regular attendance you to can perform these moves with ease.

Yoga Builds Muscle Strength: Muscles do so much more than enhance your appearance or help you lift things, for the elderly they can help with injury prevention, such as keeping your balance in a scenario where you may trip or fall.

Yoga helps to improve posture: Whether you spend your day sat in an office in zoom meetings & staring at screens occasionally getting up for a bathroom break, or behind a wheel driving, or standing on the shop floor all day, what ever your circumstance Yoga helps to balance the subtle imbalances we can generate as a result of daily habit.

Yoga can improve your circulatory health: By stimulating various areas of your body simultaneously, Yoga can help to improve your nervous system as you are guided from position to position, whereby with each new position, differing demands for blood flow & oxygen  begin to trigger the responses from deep inside that deliver everything you need to each area.

In conclusion, there are many benefits to Yoga that go beyond just changing position & they all play a part in helping you to feel good about yourself.

For more information about our class timetables please select the Timetable option here on this webpage or click on the link: . All fitness classes are inclusive with the Adult or Senior memberships at our centre. For further information why not visit us.